Network Support & Installation

Network installation and support is fundamental to any business that relies on their IT infrastructure. A network is the backbone that all technology solutions will run off of. With increased demand for video and voice solutions often running between multiple office locations it becomes paramount that the network is installed and supported properly. The most advanced and reliable hardware will be of little value if not installed and supported properly.

How important is your network and information availability? Do you know how often your backups fail or run successfully? Where is your data taken offsite for the event of a disaster? How secure is your network from external threats? How secure is your information from your competitors or previous employees? What is virtualization and how could my business benefit from it?

At Shooting Star Technology, we employ experienced and certified network installation and support specialist that are familiar with all business sizes, environments and industries. Our expertise includes support of high bandwidth and demanding LAN and WAN environments. Our certifications and relationships with industry leading vendors such as Dell, HP, IBM, Cisco, VMware & Microsoft gives us access to high level support and training which benefits our customers.