How to fix Exchange 2010 Memory Issue

How To Fix High Exchange Server 2010 Memory Usage

  • Start Windows Task Manager. (Go to Start, then run and type taskmgr.exe) Click on the Performance Tab. Under the Phusical Memory (MB) heading you will see a very small amount of Free Memory available. In this example the amount of Free Memory is actually 0. The GUI Memory chart shows virtually all memory is used as well.

windows task manager


  • Now click on the Processes tab. Sort the processes by Memory. Do this by clicking the memory heading. Then sort by largest. You will now see that the store.exe Exchange Process is utilizing almost 4GB of memory. You now decide that you would like to limit the amount of memory consumed by the Exchange Server store.exe. You have decided that you would like to free up 500MB of memory and limit the total amount that store.exe can utilize to 3.5GB.

exchange memory store


The next step is to open ASDIEDIT.msc and change two settings. To limit or reduce the amount of memory that Exchange Server 2007 or 2010 uses you must change both the msExchESEParamCacheSizeMax and the msExchESEParamCacheSizeMin attributes. Do not just set one of the attributes and not configure the other.

  • To open ADSIEDIT.msc go to start, then type ADSIEDIT.msc in the run box. Then double click on the ADSIEDIT.msc application

open adsiedit


  • Now right click ADSI Edit and select Connect to

adsiedit connect to


  • Under the Select a well known Naming Context: pull down box click on Configuration and then select OK

naming context configuration


  • Now navigate to the following attribute. Configuration\Services\Microsoft Exchange\<First Organization>\Administrative Groups\<Exchange Administrative Group>\Servers\<Server Name>\Information Store\ ¬†Right click on Information Store and select properties.

information store

  • Next, scroll down to the msExchESEParamCacheSizeMax attribute. Double click on the attribute and change the value to the number after working out the formula below.

    For Exchange 2007 Mail Servers

    We are going to limit the total memory consumption of the Exchange Server 2007 store.exe to 4GB. So the formula is;

    1,048,576 * 4 (Maximum amount of memory you wish to use) = 4194304 / 8 = 524288

    For Exchange 2010 Mail Servers or SBS 2011 Servers

    1,048,576 * 4 (Maximum amount of memory you wish to use) = 4194304 / 32 = 131072

    Hit OK to apply the new Exchange Server settings.

    Now find the msExchESEParamCacheSizeMin

    We will also need to set this attribute as well. We are going to set the minimum memory usage setting for store.exe to 3.5 GB. The formula is;

    For Exchange 2007 Mail Servers

    1,048,576 * 3.5 (Minimum amount of memory you wish to use) = 3670016 / 8 = 458752

    For Exchange 2010 Mail Servers or SBS 2011 Servers

    1,048,576 * 3.5 (Minimum amount of memory you wish to use) = 3670016 / 32 = 114688

maximum minimum exchange memory

  • Now reboot your server for the changes to take affect.

Your Exchange Server is consuming too much Memory Tips and Best Practices

  • Please be careful when implementing this solution to limit the amount of memory an Exchange Server 2007 or 2010 uses. When configured improperly this setting may actually degrade system and server performance. You may want to monitor the following Exchange counters in Windows Performance Monitor after making the above mentioned configuration changes;
    • Database Cache Size
    • Database Cache Size Min
    • Database Cache Size Max
  • This setting is most useful on a Windows SBS (Small Business Server) 2010 or 2008. Because of the many applications that are installed on a SBS server limiting the amount of memory is a critical function.

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